Xpander SPLIT – Why is it best to buy as many matrix positions as possible?!

In order for the Xpander members feel what the Xpander is and what is the future of all members who have already entered and those who will enter, and to never want to get out, I decided to set a total of 15 levels for the first split in the M1 matrix in the X2.

With great joy I will present you the essence and longevity of the Xpander. In further explanation, you will understand what are 3 Splits in the Xpander – the Xpander bloodstream.
Every matrix in the Xpander, I will now hold onto the X2 (in the same way works and the X1) has a limited number of levels. The matrix in the phases follows 3 Splits in order that all equally earn from matrix, some earlier and some later, as I always repeat, because each position earns the same.

Let’s imagine that our matrix is a one-sided triangle; no matter how you turn it all pages are equal.
Imagine that the triangle is closed and there is little water, no matter how you turn it, water is on the same level, at whatever corner lies. It is the same with our matrices – when a one-sided triangle fills with positions to the last level, our matrix turns for 90 degrees, and this is called SPLIT. When our matrix turns for 90 degrees for the first time, it’s the second SPLIT in M1. THE SECOND SPLIT is when the matrix is filled with 100% with positions. THE FIRST SPLIT happens on a 50% filled matrix and then automatically opens the second matrix M2. Now, the both matrices work parallel, M1 and M2, specifically we are now talking about the X2 (in the same way works and the X1).

It will happen next when M2 opens, and M1 is 50% filled with positions: As everyone wants to buy a position with a smaller serial number in the „fast fingers“, when the M1 is close to an end of charging, everyone will want to buy as much as possible positions and be the last in that matrix.

You wonder why?!
Because when the matrix is filled and when it turns for 90 degrees, those who are the last will now be at the top, and with full positions below themselves and a subscription that they can immediately get every month. When each position earns a certain amount, then that matrix closes, then in the same (identical) way works on the next M2 and M3 matrices, then to M3 and M4, M4 and M5 and so to infinity. In each new matrix, one new level is added, if M1 has 15 levels, M2 will have 16, M3 17 levels and so on.

This matrix is open until the last position earns a predetermined amount. When the each position earns a predetermined amount or 100% ceases to earn, and the member for one such position, gets 1 JollyCoin. After that, earnings from that position, goes to a special account for forced cycling of Cyclers. As long as each position does not earn a predetermined amount, this matrix exists and it fills from money sharing from the M2 matrix. We will talk about this some other time.

Imagine you are standing in line in some marketplace. Row is long and it is only working one cash-box, and then the second cashier comes in and then the other cash-box starts to work, and then all those who were the last in line go into the second row and become the first in the second cash-box. It’s the same here, when the matrix turns for 90 degrees, those who are last will earn more than before, and those that were the first will earn more slowly, unlike all other matrices that are not part of the Xpander, where those who are last do not earn a cent.

SPLIT 3 happens when 70% of the position has earned a certain amount and the matrix rotates once again by 90 degrees and ends until the last position earns the same amount as the all positions.

Therefore, as the percentage increases and it approaches 50% and FIRST SPLIT happens, so will more and more matrix positions will be purchased, because when the matrix is 50% full, and when the matrix is turned, they will be the first, so they will have positions under Admin, and with already existing full positions will earn from subscribe. The last positions in the matrix are more valuable than the first position in the „fast fingers“, because after this split, they immediately have full positions. The M1 matrix goes slow because people can not understand the Xpander system, so we will shorten this matrix M1 to 15 levels, and come to Splits as soon as posible, in order for members can understand how powerful machine for profit the Xpander is.

My assumption is that M1, if it were as before the 27th level, all Splits would be in about a year or two, now, with 15 levels 3 splits, will happen in less than a year. When members feel and see that this system really works and when they feel all the Splits and all those who have positions in M1, I guarantee 100%, that they will buy even more positions in M2, and in that case M2 and every next matrix will split from 2 to 3 months, it is possible and before that. Therefore, in each new matrix, a new level is added, to avoid overloading and so that always have places for new members.

SPLIT 3 happens when 70% of the total amount is collected and then the matrix rotates once more by 90 degrees and ends when the last position earns a certain amount.

I hope I have managed to convey everything that is in my head. That’s why I say that the Xpander will be number one, and I’m sure it already is.

For example, if we shorten the length of one cycle of 3 splits in the Xpander to 15 levels, the earnings per position would be from $ 2,000. Each position would earn $ 2,000.

Example: earnings from matrix positions up to 15th level:
– 10 (5×15 $) position in the matrix M1 x 2000 $, earnings by the end of the third Split will be $ 20,000
– If the 100 (50×15 $) position in the M1 matrix, earnings by the end of the third Split would be $ 200,000

– For bigger investments, for example of a $ 9,000 ($ 300×15) earnings by the end of the third Split is $ 1,200,000.