In Xpander are solved all the shortcomings of the matrix there are, but the biggest drawback was the domino effect, that when it comes time to pay the monthly subscribe (subscription) those who do not have any member, when 30 days have passed, they have no income, of course, someone will pay again from their own pockets, but most do not decide for another payment.
This is what causes a domino effect, where the last member is not paid to the sponsor, the sponsor because it has not received payment not paid its sponsor, on the one above, and so almost no one pays monthly your subscription to the highest level above. Therefore, all Matrix initially working super, next month may say well, but from the third month begins to fall euphoria because of that
– not paid subscribe and slowly the matrix begins to sink at the end of a few months and stop working . In all these cases, the maximum earnings are only those who first entered in the matrix.In Xpander this problem is solved and well designed as the earnings for all members separated money proportionately identical to those that do not have earnings after 30 days you practically Xpander system is not possible, but if that happens, the system automatically pays subscribe subscription sponsor after 30 days. So a member who once paid 0.06 BTC never has to pay out of pocket because subscribe wage system if it comes to it that no member after 30 days. And because the system Xpander can not come to a domino effect and it is one of the elements that this system will never fall. Anyone who enters certainly earns. And every month can earn more and not less. For the sake of the Xpander can be increased from month to month and not less.
Rewards for greater work:
Each calendar month shall be the Xpander 2 charts. The first listof top 10 winners will be for members who have the most referrals in the month.

Whoever has the most members will receive a prize of $ 500, $ 200 second prize, third prize is $100, from fourth to tenth place winners will get two positions of the matrix (2×0,06btc)

Another top list will be the list of members who have most positions in the matrix in the month. Member who have most postitions in the month receives $ 500, second place $ 200 and third place $100 from fourth to tenth place winners will get two positions in the matrix (2k0,06btc).

Explanation for registration:

1. Each member has their own referral link and advertise that referral link. From payment of 0.06 BTC another position opens up in his downline from 0.03 BTC and the second position will go into
the global matrix in the first empty position, from left to right.

. Every new member who registers in Xpander has to choose whether he wants to pay for matrix 0.06 BTC or he wants to pay only the cycler.

3. When he chooses the option he wants, he has to pay for the matrix first and only then can enter the site. When he chooses a cycler and selects which of the C1 to C6 wants to buy, he has to pay first, then can enter the site, but has access only to part of the cyclers.

. Active member has one member who has a deposit in the matrix of 0.06 BTC. The matrix does not have free members, no free positions, each position is a paid position.

5. When member who bought cycler C1 for 0.005 BTC, cycle that cycler and get new one in C1, recomandation is to buy with earned money one position in C2. When C2 cycle, member gets new one in C2, but he also gets a position in matrix (0.03 btc) , And than again, when C2 cycle, he gets one more C2 and one more position in matrix. In that way, he becomes an active member in Xpander.

Why is it important to be an active member of the Xpander? Because when you open the Matrix No. 2 , in a few months the first day of the launch of this matrix are eligible to participate only active members, and we know that everyone wants to have a starting position on the top, so the only way to have a greater chance of being on top of the other matrix is to be active. The one who is not an active member when the launch starts , can purchase the next matrix position next day.

Explanation to open new positions:
It is recommended that each member has only one user name, because one user name can have a number of positions and can reach up to the top prize awarded by the list every month. In this top list can only enter an active member who has purchased positions with the processors or the balance, this is not counting positions obtained automatically. So it does not matter what position in matrix you are earn a prize of $ 500, $ 200 and $ 100 or new positions. The next important thing is that if you have one user name you have to do your task only ones per day. If you havemore user names, you have to do tasks for all of them every day.


In Xpander we will introduce different methods of advertising than the current conventional advertising through the referral link. We will introduce in a way that your referral link goes only through the finished blog template. On dashboard you can choose one of designed template advertising. There will be two options :

1. When you select SHARE TEMPLATE that will automatically be set to FB, Twitter, Google+.

2. The other one is to copy your referral link and in folder on your Dashboard you will have to select made image or video that you will be able to post in a forum.

Please, do not make your own picture or video. Therefore, each member will have a referral link as follows:

This method of advertising is very important because in XPANDER you will have mandatory daily tasks. Because these tasks FB, Twitter, Google +, and many forums will be over flooded with Xpander commercials. In that way we have to avoid blockage the Xpander link by FB. If FB blockthe Xpander link, then nobody would be able to advertise on FB because of excessive advertising, We have use this way of advertising in case that someone posts too much. Than FB will block only the member but not all members. We will constantly do new Templates, new photos and videos.
What would you do if the program offers јоуhuge potential for earnings??? Would you post at least once a day? Who would not?! What we all do on the net when we want to earn money or advertise some business? Post our advertise. Each member has to do daily task : 5 per week or 20 per month. It can not be done all 5 or 20 in one day.
When a member finishes the task, he have to send through the Menu to tasks Moderator. Tasks Moderator will approve the task within 24 hours. Each task will be particularly illustrated with images and text. The tasks are simple and they’ve done to be 99% automatic. You just have to copy the link for the finished job and place it in a specific field and send that link to moderator. If the task is done correctly , Moderator will approve. If not, it will be necessary to do it again in proper way and send to Moderator again. Each task frees 5% of your earnings. When you finish 20 tasks within 30 calendar days, it will make free 100% of your earnings and you can request withdrawal.
Payout will be automatically and in full, without any limits. Your free money before the expiry of 30 days can only be used for the purchase of Positions. After 30 days you can request withdrawal and payout will be instant.

I want to give you anexample:
If you have 20 BTC monthly earning and you finish 16 tasks it would be 80% of the value of your profit. In that case you can withdraw only 16 BTC and nothing more. The remain of 4 BTC will be shared equally to all members who have worked assignments and do not have yetearnings from matrix or cycler, which are usually, in the same month , last positions. The tasks are simple. You do it every day and it’s only a 5 min job to choose one task of 5 offered, than to choose one blog template and to share where requested in the task (FB, Twitter, Google+) or select a specific image and a text and use it in the forum.

When you want to share link, just copy the link and set the field indicated and send to moderator. You have already been doing similar tasks in some programs on the Internet. In most matrix programs monthly membership is on average rate about 30,000 members, I can tell you that there will be at least multiply 3 in Xpander.. When you publish a post every day through tasks, I can say that even x3 is small number.
Now Xpander has many members who buy 20 positions in the matrix, and when they actually see the potential and permanent allocation of new positions, we can only imagine how fast it will grow earnings. And when payout starts and everybody post payment proof of large amount of money, it will be huge.
There will be investors in Xpander not only with one or two positions but they already announce that they will buy positions in the amount of $ 5000, $ 6000, $ 10,000 because they know the value in each position in Xpander. Than you can imagine how many positions there will be and how fast your earning will grow.