Jolly5pro is working successfully for past 10 months. Main goal that Jolly5pro is focused is on developing softwears and applications. Another great project that we are launching in few days is Jolly5xpander. Revolutionary software or so called, online money making machine, where everyone is guaranteed to earn, and not only that. It is created so that it can never stop. Matrix and cycles are combined with MLM trading of android applications that members will also be using to earn money. Cycles got the formula that guarantees everyone to cyclein 60 – 90 days. For every new matrix launch we will be promoting new android application or software. This first application will be available for all members that joins with 0.06 btc.

It won’t be available at the beginning because we are still working on it and we don’t want to hold back the start of the Xpander. But soon after the start it will be available. Let me explain you what this application is for. Through this application you will be able to trade stickers onsocial networks like facebook, viber etc.

Directly and indirectly. Direct members can earn by creating stickers on some of the existing sticker editors like,, etc.

Later Jolly5xpander will program their own sticker editor platform and it will be available to all Xpander members. When you create a sticker send it to Xpander team. We will decide is it good enough to put it on the market for sale or we will return it back so that you can do some corrections and so that we can maintain high product quality. If your sticker finds its place on a android trading

platform, when someone buys it you will earn from that sale. You can create unlimited number of stickers.You will have great earning potential since Xpander will have a lot of members.

Indirect commission is commission that you get when your referral buys one of the stickers.

Stickers will be creating not just the members, but our employees too. This application will be available on google market. The important thing is that everyone who buys application, not just members, it will lead him to Xpander page to buy a matrix positionand only than he can use it. Very important!

During the registration process you must provide correct phone number. You will need it for verification and to receive sms confirmation code. Why do we need this? We don’t, you do.Because telephone number will be your referral link together with existing blog referral link. Xpander will have application for sending sms messages. You will have texts, ads texts, barcode applications that you will be able to send to your friends. If they buy it they become Xpander members with great earning potential. You will be able to send this to all your friends from telephone book. You will be able to buy voucher worth 0.06 btc and send it to your friend to join Xpander with sms code that he gets on his phone.

When launching other matrix we will have other application and other editors to earn from.

We will accept only high quality products because Xpanded is becoming a world brand andwill stay that way in making applications and softwares.One more way to earn in Xpander is by creating blogs on our blog editor, thatwill be used for tasks and every accepted blog will be aworded. You will be able to create avideos, pictures and if it gets accepted and used for daily tasks you will be awarded for that too.