The ultimate goal of the Xpander X1 is that all positions and earnings of the positions convert to JollyCoin, a new Crypto currency, and the team of programmers is already working on it. The process of developing and launching of Coin has its own procedures, and we are already working on them. That is why we will have to make changes in the system Xpander X1.


The Xpander X2 START and will have a monthly subscribe which will be deducted from the RB.

There will also be a percentage for reinvestment and the rest of earnings. you will be able to withdraw or to reinvest, as you wish.

The first achieved earnings will be reinvested in a position in the Xpander X1, actually, 0,06 BTC, which will change and transfer in the internal Exchanger on the X1.

All who are interested to buy cyclers and positions in XPANDER X2 now can make payments on their balances.
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