About Jolly5Xpander

I would like to speak to all those who have already become part of the Xpander team and those who will become, I am sure in that.I am very happy that great Xpander is coming to the end of testing and it is about to start. I ameven more happy that Xpander, as a global brand is starting from this area and that greatest leaders will be from the Balkans.
Xpander is so designed andtested that downline and levels fill identical. With no cycler, downlineand last filled level would differ only 1 to 2 levels, but with cyclers, dowline literally can not escape more levels in each level. In that way, whether we want it or not, system fills an empty positionin each row.
I’d like to mention that you can make 20 BTC only if you have 5 full levels with positions. Systemwill send you your earning in your 5th level, when your 5th level receive payment from their 5th level
The system first takes money to upgrade and than subsequently pay into your wallet. Eachposition constantly opens new positions and therefore filling will go very quickly..
What you need to realize that each of your positions has a value of 111 BTC. Sooner or later youwill earn so much. The system is designed that it can not stop. This is not type of earning only for those at the top of the matrix. Here all members will earn.
Why is that much value for eachposition and you paid it only 0.03 BTC (2×0,03)?
Here’s why:
1. We start with the purchase of positions in the matrix and the cycler and we makeprofit from that.
2. Next we will introduce the „market position“ in Xpander where you will beable to buy and sell your positions. You will define the cost ofpositions in the internal stock exchange.
3. When you reach the goal with the internal stock exchange positions, each position becomes JOLLYCOIN. After reaching that goal, JOLLYCOIN goes public to Stock market.
We are going to start with Matrix 1. For a specified period of several months, we will start withnew one
Matrix 2, than Matrix3 and so on. Each new matrix will fill positions in all previousmatrices. It will also fill these cyclers from 1 to 6. When they cycle, you will get the position inmatrix, as well.
Next thing I want to tell you is that so far no one could guarantee when some position will cycle.
In these cycler I will introduced the formula where each cycling time is 60 to 90 days per positionin cycler, depending on which exact cycler it is.
Exact time for each cycler we will publish in Compensation plan on the site. If your question is when will my cycler finish cycling, the answer is no later than 90 days.

How to become a member of the Xpander?

You can register by the referral link, or directly to the site (admin). To become a member of the Xpander there must be a payment for a position in the Xpander M1 that is 0.06 BTC, or any position in Cycler. There are no free memebers. During the registration, members fill informations and have the option to choose whether they want to buy a position in the Xpander M1 or just want to buy one of the offered cyclers. Payment is only in BTC. Members who pay position in the Xpander M1 automatically will complete 1. level, and they will also receive position the Cycler C1, while members who buy only positions in Cycler, can get the position in the Xpander M1 by cycling of certain positions in Cycler.