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100% Passive Earning! JUST INVEST & EARN! NO Clicking ads, NO Surfing, NO Memberships!
Referral commision :1st lvl-5 %;  2nd lvl-2 %; 3rd lvl-1 %

Deposit Range – $ 10-5000

Period – 30 (Business Days)

Interest Period – Only Business Days

Freezing of Deposit – 15 (Business Days)

Withdrawal min/max – $10 / $200

ROI – 150%


Look at the video with proof of payments:





Earning and BIZ Plan consists of two parts – of your role and an associated interest at stake.
Biz activation package after 24 hours shows the daily return of 5% of which consists of a part of the principal and interest of calculated work for the day.
The first 15 working days Your assets are frozen, after the expiry of that period (15 working days) at your disposal a 50% deposit and 50% an associated interest. This means you can pull on your payroll processor or reinvest in a new package plan.
For the next 15 business days you can see these appear on the balance of available funds on the basis of the daily return of, related to the current business day.

Expressed mathematically – example:

Plan 100$

Daily earning 5% ….. 100$ x 5% = 5$

After 15 business days …. ( 100$ x 5%) x 15 = 75$

After 30 business days… ( 100$ x 5% ) x 30 = 150$


If you make reinvest or withdraw the funds available on balance accounts, but before the expiry of the basic package-plan final amount of the initial plan is reduced by the amount Reinvest – withdrawal.
Expressed mathematically – for example:
The final amount of the package-plan ……… $ 150
Reinvest / payments – funds available after 15 working days ……… $ 75
Funds available for withdrawal within 30 working days ………. $ 150 – $ 75 $ = 75






 If you invest more than $ 100, for example, $ 1,000 , plan does not start right away with $ 1000. System will automaticly activate that sum next 10 days, 100 $ each.



Activations are on Wednesdays, payment Monday to Friday, No weekends payments.

The interest – each working day on 1 am GMT+1h.


DEPOSIT: Please click on PLANS in the top menu, select a plan and click Deposit Now, select your payment processor, and follow the steps.




3.Note :

Advcash account needed.

If you want to pay with Payeer or Perfect Money, every payment goes trough Advcash.

You have to put your Advcash account in Jolly5Pro.