Earnings from the matrix and cycler

Every matrix payment will bring you 2 positions. First one will go to your sponsor’s downline, and thesecond one to the first available matrix position (forced method).
In stage 1 achievedearnings from the matrix is0.005 btc, you will get a position in a cycler, which will after the cycling earn you 0.02 btc. Each cycler is cycling 2 rounds so that the total earned income fromthe cycler is 0.04 btc + 0005 earnings from the matrix, which is in total 0.045 btc.
Stage2 earns 0.08btc in the matrix and 2×0.05 btc in the cycler, which is in total 0.18 btc. Also, hereyou will get one new position in the matrix.
Stage 3 earns 0,12btc in the matrix and 2×0,29 btc in the cycler, total 0,7 btc. Here you get 8 newpositions in the matrix, and 2 positions in the cycler C4.
Stage 4 earns 3,61btc in the matrix, at this level you will get 4 positions in the cycler and from theprevious S3 level you have 2 positions. In total you will have 6 positions in the cycler C4 which will earnyou new positions once the cycle is over and earnings of (0,38×6) x2 = 4.56. Total earnings at this levelis 8.17. Here you will get 56 new positions in the matrix and 12 positions in the cycler C5.

Stage 5 earns 16.776 btc in the matrix. From the previous level you get 12 positions in the cycler C5 and 5 more cyclers C5 you will receive at this level. Total earnings in this cycler is (0,9×17)x2=30,6 btc.At this level, you will also get 2 cycler C6, from C5 cycling you will get one more position in C6 cycler so that you have a total of 36 positions in the cycler C6, which will earn you 187,2 btc. Total earnings atthis level is 234,576 btc. At this level, you’ll open new positions in 1790 new positions in the matrix.

It should be noted that it is possible to purchase positions in the cycler independently of the matrix.

Positions in the cycler are cycling as described above.

The total potential earnings for just one positionin the matrix is 234,671 btc. By registering on the site Jolly5xpander you will get 2 positions. Progression through the levels of the matrix to the Stage 5 you will receive a total of 1,856 new positions in thematrix. Positions in the matrix are queued (they are filled row by row)


Jolly5Xpander wallet

Money that you earn in Jolly5Xpander will be shown in 3 different balances. All earned money in 30 days will be shown on Reserve balance (RB). From this balance system automatically upgrade you to the next level and pays for new matrix and cycle positions.The rest of the money goes tothe Current balance (CB). This is your potential earnings. What percentage will you withdraw depends on task percentage that you do. When you finish your everyday task program release 5% of your earnings and that money goes to My wallet (MW), from which you can withdraw your money after 30 days. Money from My wallet (MW) you can use to buy new matrix and cycle positions even before 30 days have past. In case you don’t do all your tasks, money left on CB doesn’t move to next month but it gets distributed among all other members that didn’t earn anymoney until that point. Every month everything starts from zero.